The roll-out of high speed and high bandwidth mobile networks like 5G, and the growing popularity of XR-based use cases is driving the media industry to explore the creation of new and exciting immersive experiences, while pushing engineers and inventors to develop efficient and standards-based solutions that can deliver the data-rich content that is demanded. InterDigital, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDCC) announced its upcoming showcase at AWE USA 2023 with Philips to demonstrate how volumetric video-based codecs and creation pipelines enable increasingly immersive and XR-driven volumetric video experiences. The conference and expo will take place in Santa Clara, California from May 31 – June 2, 2023.

The MPEG Visual Volumetric Video-based Coding (V3C) standard defines the general mechanism for coding and streaming volumetric content. Volumetric video is comprised of a sequence of frames, each a 3D representation of a real-world object or scene capture, and thus requires coding standards to compress the content for delivery. InterDigital and Philips jointly collaborate on V3C immersive codecs to enable the delivery of XR content, leveraging InterDigital’s expertise in immersive codecs, including video point cloud compression (V-PCC) and MPEG immersive video (MIV) extensions, alongside Philips’ expertise in MIV extensions and its contributions in critical six degrees of freedom (6DoF) immersive codec and content creation pipelines for 3D reconstruction and rendering.

Located at Booth 520, InterDigital and Philips will demonstrate the application of their codec and content creation pipelines for use cases like telelearning. Specifically, InterDigital will showcase MPEG-I Haptics and Scene Description standards enabling sensory-enhanced and interactive experiences to be more efficiently streamed and Philips will demonstrate content creation pipelines for sports and live telepresence technologies. Together, the partners will spotlight their contributions to the MPEG-I V3C standard as well as the first implementation of the V3C Immersive Video Decoder Platform. The codec technologies and content creation pipelines can be applied to a range of XR experiences, allowing innovators to explore immersive content creation for real-time telepresence using depth and color cameras, or sports and media applications using color cameras and prior geometric information.

“Video codecs remain a pivotal steppingstone to enjoying increasingly immersive content and our research helps to unlock new ways of engaging in the XR ecosystem, be it through media consumption, telepresence, or an experience we have yet to imagine,” said Lionel Oisel, VP of Video Labs, InterDigital. “Collaborating alongside Philips ensures our unique expertise develops innovation that unlocks greater efficiency and outcomes for volumetric content and XR-enabled experiences.”

“Next to solutions that offer synthetic avatars and CGI based virtual realities, there is a growing need for a more natural and real video representation for immersive experiences, where it will be key that they assure interoperability, efficient delivery and low latency,” said Ronald Schimanofsky, Director Business Development IP Licensing, Philips Intellectual Property & Standards (IP&S). “Our collaboration with InterDigital helped us to promote and enable industry adoption of the V3C standard and its immersive profiles to answer the ever-growing interest in real volumetric video, next to synthetic representations of the reality.”

InterDigital and Philips will showcase at AWE US at Booth 520 from May 31 – June 2. In addition, InterDigital’s Video Solutions Director Valerie Allie and Philips Group Innovation Senior Scientist Christiaan Varekamp will deliver a talk on “Immersive Technologies: From Capture to XR Experiences,” providing an overview of the immersive codecs within the MPEG V3C standard that enable efficient volumetric video-based media streaming in applications like telelearning. The presentation will be delivered on Thursday June 1st at 2:00pm CET in Grand Ballroom F. Learn how to attend here.

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