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  • Automobile Crashes Caused by Texting Distractions Cost Americans $129 Billion a Year and the Problem is Global and Worsening.
  • With No Known Solution to Reduce Big Losses, Major Auto Insurers Are Advertising Heavily to Promote Voluntary Awareness to Stop Texting While Driving.
  • Potential Liability Could Motivate Employers To Take Steps To Address Growing Problem of Texting While Driving
  • Expecting Strong Demand, WebSafety (OTCPK:WBSI) Will Be First To Market and Is Launching “DriveSafety” in Q1 2020, the ONLY App that Disables and Prevents Texting While Driving.
  • First Mover Has Advantage to Establish Sufficient Market Share and To Maintain Majority of Market of 250 Million U.S. Drivers. There are approximately 1.2 billion drivers in the world.
  • Each 1% of the U.S. Market Captured at a Monthly Subscription Rate of $3 Equals $90 Million In Recurring Annual Revenues.
  • Exceptionally Low Trading Volume, Low Market Cap, Low Float, and Low Debt Indicates WBSI Undiscovered and Undervalued - Points to Strong Upside Potential for Near Term and Long Term.

The $129 Billion Problem

car crash deaths and quality-of-life costs of $129 billion or 15% of the overall societal damage caused by motor vehicle crashes. It is assumed that accidents, injuries, and property damage are SEVERELY UNDER REPORTED due to drivers not admitting to texting while driving.

For half a decade, parents, government agencies, insurance carriers, safety associations have been working to find solutions to stop distracted driving, but the continuing and growing number of accidents tells us that the problem is only worsening.

According to Statista in 2017 there were approximately 271million vehicles registered and 252 million drivers in the U.S.

The numbers from the largest group highlighted in our studies, targets the age group of 16 to 25, which accounts for approximately 49% of all texting while driving accidents. The moment a driver decides to engage in texting while driving, this distraction increases the driving risk by a factor of 23Xs. Large insurance companies like AAA have publicly labeled texting while driving as a “Growing behavioral problem.”

The texting while driving market is a worldwide problem. There are approximately 1.2 billion drivers in the world, driving in excess of 1 billion vehicles.

Forces are Rapidly Converging to Ban All Texting In Cars

  • Laws are getting tougher and more punitive for infractions.
  • Many parents are motivated to take steps to protect their children who are the largest age group of 16 to 25 that account for 49% of all texting accidents
  • Employers can be liable for their employee’s car accidents while texting and a growing trend to restrict cell phones in cars is a new wave coming.
  • Increasing numbers of wives and husbands want each other to be safe from the risk of texting and driving.
  • In an attempt to reduce claims, insurance carriers are likely to offer discounts to DriveSafety subscribers.

The “DriveSafety” App Is the Solution

WebSafety, Inc. (WBSI: OTC) patented the technology in the DriveSafety app, scheduled for launch in Q2 2020. DriveSafety puts life protecting safety in the hands of parents, employers, possibly even governmental entities to disable texting while driving. This is the primary-level-solution wherein the driver’s ability to text is disabled. The driver is not able to voluntarily re-set their own cell-phone-settings which removes the element of distraction activity. Unlike other competitors that have aimed to ameliorate the distracted driving practice through voluntary turn-off in phone “Settings” that may be cancelled at any time, the WebSafety / DriveSafetypatents offer a complete effective, appropriate, and highly relevant solution to a growing social and environmental highway safety concern.

DriveSafety will initially launch as a “freemium” app providing the ability to automatically lock your mobile device while driving. A subscription will unlock premium features.

If “DriveSafety” App Reaches 1% of the Total Addressable U.S. Market

With the ONLY solution that is patented and with effective marketing, WebSafety has the potential to reach several percent of the 252 million U.S. drivers market. If only 1% subscribes to this life-saving app at a low price of $3 per month per user, that could result in high-margin revenues close to $7.5 million per month, or $90 million per year which would likely translate to a market cap and share price that is magnitudes higher than the current values.

Marketing Experience

WebSafety COO, Bob Carroll, has scaled two companies to over $2 billion and over $3 billion in online sales.He was previously the CIO for Apollo Group increasing online sales from $400 million to approximately $2.3 billion. Bob then became the CTO for Education Management Corp. and oversaw their online growth increase from $1.3 billion to approximately $3.1 billion.

Saul Leal, the Chief Growth Officer for WebSafety was the GM of FamilyShare and was their chief architect of social media growth on Facebook (FB). Saul grew FamilyShare’s social media presence from nothing to approximately 275 million followers. FamilyShare became the biggest marketing organization on Facebook.


WebSafety Financial Statements listed in OTCMARKETS.COM demonstrate exactly what anyone would expect from a young company that is about to kick off with its star player. The one exception that stands out favorably, however, is the debt. In its most recent balance sheet, WebSafety lists a total of $3.6 million in liabilities/debt and 78% that is friendly debt provided by the founder and CEO, Rowland Day. Friendly or not, the debt is surprisingly small for a company with this positioning, leverage, and potential.


With only 11.5 million shares of common stock outstanding, and the potential to capture a significant portion of this very large and untapped “Texting While Driving” market beginning in just a few weeks, WebSafety is uniquely leveraged to enjoy upward revaluations of several magnitudes. We will leave price prognostications to others, but we feel that shares are highly undiscovered and undervalued.

WebSafety has prepared for the launch of DriveSafety in the next few weeks and as awareness of this opportunity begins to increase, we expect to see the share price move up steadily and substantially.

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