PHOENIX, Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALPP), a leading operator and owner of small market businesses announced today that subsidiary, ElecJet, has revealed its AX and G-AX Class of solid-state batteries.  ElecJet has completed its initial demonstration product run of its AX Class 31Ah Solid State Batteries.  The company will be distributing these batteries as test samples to various corporations upon request.  

The AX Battery Class is a Ceramic Oxide solid-state battery and comes in the form of a 31Ah Solid-State Battery and a 10Ah Solid-State Battery. The AX battery was designed for ultra-energy dense applications that need a powerful battery solution but not necessarily the ultra-fast (8C+) charging that the G-AX Class Batteries can provide. Both the G-AX and AX use graphene in the battery cells but for different purposes and at different levels of the battery's design.   

The AX Battery Class is still quite fast and has operating specifications of up to 4C charging.  At a 4C rate of charge, the AX Class can charge in 15-minutes. Typical fast charging Lithium-Ion batteries charge between .5C and 1C which equates to 1 hour at 1C and 2 hours at .5C.  The AX Class can also retain 80% of its capacity for over 1,000 charging cycles. With up to an incredible 280Wh/kg energy density, the AX Class is the perfect solution for Power walls, smaller ESS solutions, golf carts, and EV vehicles. Production of an improved 360Wh/kg model (already tested in prototypes) will begin later this year, improving energy density by almost three-fold over lithium-polymer. With *1,000 charge cycles and the typical range of an electric vehicle being 300 miles, an electric vehicle powered by the AX Class of batteries would be able to drive over 300,000 miles before the battery pack would see any significant degradation to its life cycle.  *Technical specifications show 1,200 charge cycles, with 1,000 charge cycles expected in an EV application

The G-AX Class consists of a graphene enhanced 31Ah Solid-State Battery and graphene enhanced 50Ah Solid-State Battery, designed for ultra-fast (8C+) charging solutions for the EV Market that need a powerful battery solution while retaining over 80% of its capacity after 1000 charges. At  an 8C rate of charge, the G-AX Class can charge in under 8-minutes. The G-AX Battery Class can be customized up to 50C charging. Also having 360Wh/kg, the G-AX Class was designed to be incorporated into a battery stack solution perfect for EV vehicles in the transportation industry that need to charge quickly.  In line with the AX Class, an electric vehicle powered by the G-AX Class of batteries would also be able to drive over 300,000 miles before the battery pack would see any significant degradation to its life cycle.

Samuel Gong President of ElecJet commented: "What our team of engineers has achieved is a testament to the talented individuals we work with.  Unlike the competitors in the solid-state space, we are not just building prototypes, we are actually in production, and can deliver our batteries to companies seeking this solution today.  We look forward to sharing the location of our US-based production facility in the coming months."

Kent Wilson CEO of Alpine 4 had this to say: "On top of all the incredible features solid state batteries bring, one of the most unique features is safety. Typical lithium batteries will combust with the slightest puncture. Our batteries have been tested to not only not catch on fire, but to hold voltage and still operate after being punctured by a nail, cut in half with scissors and even shot at with a handgun several times. This marks an evolution in the safety of batteries for all electrical devices moving forward and dramatically reduces the hazards of operating with battery equipped devices such as cell phones, EVs, ESS systems and autonomous drones like Vayu's G1 and US-2."

About Elecjet: Elecjet specializes in developing super-fast charging, graphene battery solutions that offer convenience in the palm of your hands. For the past 11 years, our research and development team have been committed to advancing our products' charging performance and battery life.

About Alpine 4 Holdings:  Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. (ALPP) is a NASDAQ traded conglomerate that acquires businesses that fit into its disruptive DSF business model of Drivers, Stabilizers, and Facilitators. At Alpine 4, we understand the nature of how technology and innovation can accentuate a business.  Our focus is on how the adaptation of new technologies, even in brick-and-mortar businesses, can drive innovation.  We also believe that our holdings should benefit synergistically from each other, have the ability to collaborate across varying industries, spawn new ideas, and create fertile ground for competitive advantages. 

Four principles at the core of our business are Synergy. Innovation. Drive. Excellence.  At Alpine 4, we believe synergistic innovation drives excellence.  By anchoring these words to our combined experience and capabilities, we can aggressively pursue opportunities within and across vertical markets.  We deliver solutions that not only drive industry standards, but also increase value for our shareholders.

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