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The company expands flagship Ethereum mainnet support to accommodate rising user adoption of layer 2 blockchains.

Harpie, a blockchain security suite that protects retail investors and their digital wallets from theft, today announces the expansion of their flagship Ethereum wallet protection to include coverage for assets on layer 2 blockchains Base, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

Layer 2 market capitalization has surged more than 400% in the last 12 months—up from $11 billion in June 2023 to $47 billion in June 2024—driven by market demand for more scalable blockchain solutions that offer lower transaction fees than Ethereum mainnet. Harpie anticipates a continuation of this growth and, in proportion, an increase in theft and crime on layer 2 networks. In response, the company is expanding its security offering to accommodate rising user adoption of layer 2 blockchains.

Harpie helps users safeguard their digital wallets against theft by establishing a “trusted network” of apps and peers with its proprietary on-chain security algorithm. When a user interacts with an address outside of this trusted network, Harpie flags this interaction as theft and intercepts the transfer in real-time before the transaction finalizes on the blockchain.

This response secures users against a variety of attacks—such as phishing scams, smart contract hijackings, and private key theft—as well as protects against the repercussions of human error, like copying and pasting the wrong recipient address or signing a malicious contract. Harpie has protected $5.4 million in Ethereum assets to date.

“Before Harpie, consumers had no reliable tools to protect their crypto assets in real time—we as users were on our own to detect and avoid scams. With Harpie, people have the peace of mind to trade and transact with the reassurance that their assets are protected from theft and scams. Expanding to new chains is a simple result of wanting to provide that same peace of mind to users on their preferred L2,” said Daniel Chong, Co-Founder & CEO of Harpie.

The expansion comes at a critical time when the crypto market is buzzing with activity, due to the bullish sentiments driven by the recent ETH ETF approvals and the explosive popularity of meme coins. These trends are attracting a significant influx of new and sometimes inexperienced investors, making robust security measures more essential than ever.

Harpie is committed to becoming a cornerstone of blockchain infrastructure. The expansion of theft protection to include asset coverage on Base, Polygon, and Arbitrum is a step toward achieving their mission to eliminate crypto theft globally. 

Multichain protection on Harpie is now live—to learn more, users can visit

About Harpie

Harpie gives crypto traders the power to defend themselves against theft. With their proprietary on-chain security solution, Harpie safeguards wallets in real time by monitoring for and blocking malicious transactions before they confirm on chain. Harpie simplifies crypto security with an intuitive and holistic platform, helping users of all experience levels eliminate the threat of blockchain-based theft. Harpie launched in September 2022 and is backed by leading Web3 names including Dragonfly Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and OpenSea.

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