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BlocksScan is excited to announce the official launch of XDC Network Explorer Version 2, a comprehensive and incredibly user-friendly blockchain explorer crafted by BlocksScan. This tool is designed to empower users of all levels and make it a breeze to navigate the XDC Network.

Mastering the XDC Blockchain with Enhanced Functionality

XDC Explorer Version 2 builds upon the foundation of its predecessor, offering an enhanced suite of features to simplify blockchain exploration and analysis. This powerful tool serves as the gateway to the XDC Network and tokens built on XDC. Just like Etherscan is for Ethereum, BTCScan for Bitcoin, Solscan for Solona, BSCScan for BNB Smartchain, BlocksScan is an XDC Explorer and your gateway to the XDC Network.

Explore the Enhanced Features XDC Network’s Block Explorer Version 2

Gecko Terminal & CoinGecko Integration: Users can now access real-time token price feeds for tokens traded on platforms like XSwap, Globiance Dex, Fathom, and IcecreamSwap. This feature ensures informed decision-making when trading or analyzing tokens within the XDC Network.

EtherScan Compatible API: The EtherScan compatible API simplifies the process for developers to integrate and interact with the XDC Network, providing a robust and reliable API for accessing blockchain data and executing various functions.

Hardhat and Truffle Contract Verification Support: Developers can quickly verify and validate their contracts on the XDC Network using popular development frameworks like Hardhat and Truffle, ensuring secure and functional smart contracts.

Upcoming Features:

  • MLETR Document Support: Enhancing functionality for handling and tracking electronic records.
  • NFT Trades Support: Enabling users to track and analyze NFT transactions.
  • DEX Transaction Support: Providing insights into trading activities on various DEX platforms.

Customizable Themes: XDC Explorer Version 2 offers customizable themes to enhance user experience, with options including Light, Dim, and Dark themes for optimal readability and comfort.

Comprehensive Search and Analytics: With robust search functionality, users can effortlessly track transactions, addresses, and tokens. The platform also features an advertisements section to keep users informed about relevant projects within the XDC ecosystem.

AI Support Feature: The new AI Support feature, including CodeRun AI, Open AI, Devin AI, and Claude AI, assists users with their blockchain exploration, offering interactive modes and access to popular contracts and demo questions.

Developer Tools:

  • API Documentation: Comprehensive API documentation available at API Documentation.
  • Verify Contract Page: Allows users to verify and explore smart contracts deployed on the XDC Network.

Personalized Settings: Users can tailor their blockchain exploration experience by choosing their preferred language, display format (xdc or 0x prefixes), theme (light or dark mode), time format (relative or UTC), and fiat currency for financial clarity.

For more detailed information on explorer functionality, users can visit here.

Empowering the XDC Network Community

XDC Explorer Version 2 is a significant step in fostering a more accessible and user-friendly XDC Network ecosystem. This explorer, crafted based on community feedback and requirements, empowers users to explore, analyze, and interact confidently with the XDC blockchain, unlocking a world of possibilities for developers, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts alike. Members are an integral part of this ecosystem. XDC Explorer invites community members to explore the new version of XDC Network Blockchain Explorer and share their feedback on XDC Network’s tech forum XDC.Dev.

About XDC Network

XDC Network is an open-source, carbon-neutral, enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible, Layer 1 blockchain that has been operationally successful since 2019. The network obtains consensus via a specially delegated proof-of-stake (XDPoS) technique that allows for 2-second transaction times, near-zero gas expenses ($0.0001), over 2000 TPS, and interoperability with ISO 20022 financial messaging standards. The XDC Network powers a wide range of novel blockchain use cases, including Global Trade Finance, payment,Decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) and Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization, that are secure, scalable, and highly efficient.

Users can find more information by visiting XDC Network's website, and follow them on social media: Twitter || Telegram || LinkedIn || Reddit || Facebook || Forum 

About BlocksScan

BlocksScan is a EVM Compatible Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for XDC Network. BlocksScan is a blockchain explorer platform dedicated to providing users with robust tools and insights to explore and interact with blockchain networks securely. It offers a user-friendly interface and an array of features that make blockchain data accessible and actionable for developers, enthusiasts, and businesses. For more details visit

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