Prescription-strength CelleRx to gently clean skin and ease post-procedure discomfort is now available without a prescription at

NovaBay® Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE American: NBY) announces the availability of full-strength CelleRx for consumer purchase without a prescription in the U.S. at CelleRx is a skin and wound cleanser based on NovaBay’s proprietary pure hypochlorous formulation, and is proven to gently clean and ease discomfort following aesthetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery procedures.

“We are delighted to make prescription-strength CelleRx available without a prescription directly to customers through our new website,” said Justin Hall, NovaBay CEO. “We are entering the market with a soft launch to test the brand and create awareness, with more extensive marketing to begin in early 2020.

“CelleRx has all the characteristics of a successful skin and wound cleanser: it is known to quickly kill bacteria in vitro, it prevents the build-up of biofilm that can delay wound healing and it is safe for underlying tissue. We view this as a significant advantage given that of the 20 wound cleansers we tested, most lacked two or even all three of these characteristics,” he added. “Because of its amazing safety profile, CelleRx has applicability to almost all dermatological treatments, including cosmetic laser surgeries, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, liposuction, tattoo removal, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.”

CelleRx is based on Neutrox®, the same pure hypochlorous acid formulation as NovaBay’s flagship product Avenova®, which is proven to treat the underlying cause of blepharitis and bacterial dry eye. CelleRx has been cleared as a medical device by the U.S. FDA and has CE Marking in the EU. Hypochlorous acid is a natural agent produced by white blood cells as a function of the innate immune system. In solution, hypochlorous acid kills both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, as well as fungi and biofilms within seconds. CelleRx is well tolerated and in vitro studies show it quickly neutralizes super antigens (toxins) and pro-inflammatory cytokines without interfering with the growth of underlying new tissue. Safe and effective, CelleRx is non-irritating, reduces redness and swelling, doesn’t dry or stain skin when applied and does not generate antibiotic resistance.

About NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Going Beyond Antibiotics®

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on commercializing and developing its non-antibiotic anti-infective products to address the unmet therapeutic needs of the global, topical anti-infective market with its two distinct product categories: the NEUTROX® family of products and the AGANOCIDE® compounds. The Neutrox family of products includes AVENOVA® for the eye care market, NEUTROPHASE® for wound care market, and CELLERX® for the aesthetic dermatology market. The Aganocide compounds, still under development, have target applications in the dermatology and urology markets.

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