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High Times is fueled by the simple belief that the cannabis movement should focus on the community. That’s why we believe our expansion efforts should come from those who will benefit most from our growth—our loyal High Times fans, cannabis enthusiasts, and early investors.

We also believe that owning stock shouldn’t only be for those with brokerage accounts. Through our stock offering, you can purchase shares of High Times for as little as $99 using your Credit Card or ACH and own your shares now before our planned listing on an exchange.


Share Price


Minimum Investment

$225 M

Market Cap


What we do

Founded in 1974

2016 Total Revenue




Revenue Sources




2016 Events

4 Events

4 Locations - U.S.

2019 Projected Events

23 Events

14 Locations - U.S. & International

High Times’ magazine, online platforms, and Cannabis Cup festivals represent our quintessential brand—a trailblazer for cannabis culture that many have turned to for support, education, and a way to connect with the community since 1974.

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    From cultivation to legalization, entertainment to culture, High Times has been the preeminent source for cannabis information since 1974.

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    Our events connect everyone from the Cannabis Cup enthusiast to advocates and policymakers at our new Business Summit conferences.

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    We are expanding our brand through mediums such as book publishing, video, television, music, comedy, and other specialty items.


High Times The Cannabis Industry and Market Opportunity

When we took the reins of High Times, we saw the unique opportunity to take the iconic brand to the next level.

To get back to our roots as a cornerstone voice for the cannabis community, we’ve expanded our digital presence to build a strong following of nearly 10 million followers on our social media channels and over 150 million monthly impressions across our digital platforms.

As we’ve been building a digital empire, we’ve also been quietly creating a robust music festival brand across the US and around the world, expecting 20 events globally next year. Our iconic Cannabis Cup festivals offer the ultimate cannabis experience, connecting the community at all corners and partnering with world-class performers from every genre.

Cannabis connects people across generations, cultures, and demographics—and High Times is the bridge that brings the community together under one roof. With humble beginnings in 1974, we’ve traversed a tough landscape.

Now, we’re proud of the High Times name and the brand it represents, and we want you to take part in our success.

We believe that we have strong economic prospects by virtue of the following dynamics of the industry and our competitive advantages.

Expanding Legalization of Cannabis

Despite a conservative political environment in Washington D.C., support for marijuana legalization appears to be rapidly outpacing opposition.

Market Growth

Market Growth Chart

The industry in California alone is projected to grow to $6.6 billion by 2020, and over $23 billion nationally, up from $3.4 billion industry in 2015.

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