Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VLNX) announced today that an agreement from Cell Runner Inc. of Japan has been signed for the purchase of two (2) Arc Master I Units. These initial units will be used to remediate over 5,000 hazmat suits used daily by cleanup crews working in the Fukushima Nuclear Facility, at a cost of $5.8 Million USD per unit. Pending review of this initial performance of the ArcMaster I units' remediation capabilities, Vision Plasma Systems feels optimistic that "...the company could see as many as an initial 23 more units on current Cell Runner proposals," stated CEO Timothy P. Volk.

Unlike any other technology available, the Arc Master I mobile unit has the ability to be deployed on site to safely dispose of the rubberized contaminated overalls, eliminating the need for costly transportation and the risk of any hazardous radiation exposure to the environment. The contaminated hazmat suits used by the workers in and around the disaster area have been stockpiled for over a year, unable to be incinerated or disposed of by any traditional process.

"Japanese officials have acknowledged that the Arc Master I technology is the only feasible option for the safe handling and remediation of what has become a major environment cleanup operation," stated Timothy P. Volk, CEO of Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. "Their nation is looking to them for an answer, and they are eager be the first ones to receive our units."

Japanese officials, negotiating through their intermediary, Cell Runner of Japan, have requested enough units to not only handle the daily flow of 5,000 suits a day, but also enough to get rid of the backlog of contaminated suits, currently isolated in a warehouse.

Cell Runner of Japan is an intermediary technology provider to many commercial businesses and government agencies. Vision Plasma Systems has provided technical support and advice on how to remediate the massive tsunami debris as well as how the Arc Master I can reduce the affected volumes of radiated debris from the Fukushima reactor site, as the radiated debris would be vitrified for removal so that long term containment can be accomplished.

The environmental cleanup effort is the largest in modern history, and the mobility of the Arc Master I to set up in various locations, will be key to a more environmentally proper remediation of all the debris types including accumulated ash from improper incineration. Additionally the Arc Master I's ability to produce excess electrical energy in these distributed areas will be an invaluable resource as well. The cleanup in Japan is expected to take two or more decades and for Vision Plasma Systems, as the total cleanup effort is expected to exceed $90 Billion in costs over the next 20 years.

The Arc Master I mobile unit, the first of its kind, was designed to deploy a clean and green remediation solution to various worldwide corporations, military, government, and municipal customers. The unit is capable of converting up to 5 tons per day of hazardous wastes and other matter into syngas, net electricity, and recyclable metal ingot, without any air emissions or ash from the gasification process. Built inside two (2) ISO 40' metal containers, The Arc Master I can be easily transported by truck, rail, ship, or plane worldwide to provide a fast and mobile solution to the remediation of all forms of waste. The Arc Master I mobile unit is entirely self-powering, creating its own energy from the waste that it processes, and creating up to 240KW of usable electricity at the site.

Plasma Arc Gasification has been in operation since the 1970s, with numerous large scale fixed facilities operating worldwide. Plasma Arc Gasification is the safest and most effective way to eliminate all wastes, both hazardous and common municipal, and carries the added benefits of self-powering through the use of its own syngas, recovery of refined metals, and silica-based slag which can be used in ancillary building products. The plasma gasification process occurs in an oxygen starved reactor which creates zero emissions unlike that of incineration and pyrolysis operations which create harmful furans and dioxins. Plasma gasification has no flue and does not create an ash. Common incinerator ash is considered toxic and requires secondary containment and transportation is federally restricted.

About Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. is a designer, developer, and marketer of its proprietary mobile plasma arc gasification unit called the Arc Master I. The company is committed to providing affordable energy resource management for federal and commercial clients through sustainable and renewable energy technologies, land reclamation, products and services.

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