Founder Former Chairman & CEO of $1.5 Billion NeoGenomics, Dr. Michael Dent, Now Leading HealthLynked in Mushrooming $142 Bill

Date : 03/25/2019 @ 12:00PM
Source :InvestorsHub NewsWire
Stock : Healthlynked Corp. (QB) (HLYK)
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Founder Former Chairman & CEO of $1.5 Billion NeoGenomics, Dr. Michael Dent, Now Leading HealthLynked in Mushrooming $142 Bill

Founder, Former Chairman & CEO of $1.5 Billion NeoGenomics, Dr. Michael Dent, Now Leading HealthLynked in Mushrooming $142 Billion Digital Health Market


Atlanta, GA. -- March 25th, 2019 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Emerging Microcaps, Healthynked Corp (USOTC: HLYK)


  • Digital Health is the fastest growing space in healthcare with a CAGR of 27%; $142 billion market today, and projected to be $379 billion by 2024.
  • Dr. Dent previously founded $1.9Billion NeoGenomics whose share price has grown from $0.20 to now $20.11. Now his goal is to make HealthLynked an even greater success in Digital Health.
  • HealthLynked recently more than doubled sales to over $5 million and slashed burn rate with recent acquisition of Hughes Center for Functional Medicine.
  • HealthLynked continues to strengthen position to become major player in Digital Health and shares are highly undervalued.


Emerging MicroCaps Investment Summary

Digital Health is the fastest growing sector of the $4 Trillion healthcare market and Dr. Michael Dent, known for his money-making skills in healthcare is now the founder, Chairman, and CEO of HealthLynked Corp. (OTC: HLYK), a $25 million microcap that he is leading to be a major provider in Digital Health. HLYK is trading at $.30 per share and if Dr. Dent succeeds in capturing even a small percentage of the giant Digital Health market, the price of HLYK shares could easily be trading substantially higher than his previous company, NeoGenomics (NASDAQ: NEO) that is now trading at about $20.00 per share and supports a market cap approaching $2 billion. Dr. Dent's track record of success speaks for itself, and the space of Digital Health is an exciting new opportunity for investors searching for their next big wins.

HealthLynked Solutions Getting Big Jump in Digital Health and Filling Large Unmet Needs

Many people struggle with keeping track of their family's medical information between their various doctors and specialists. Scheduling appointments, managing multiple prescriptions and keeping the doctor updated on ever changing medical records is difficult. Too frequently, patients are asked to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early so that they can fill out long forms with the same old information every time. Then, when they are finally called into the examination room where they usually wait another 20 or 30 minutes of wasted time to actually see the physician.


Being a physician, Dr. Dent is keenly aware of these and many, many other common problems, and has developed solutions that are focused, streamlined, low cost, and time saving. HealthLynked offers solutions to many healthcare problems including the ability for patients to LYNK to their healthcare providers and grant access to up to date healthcare information that improves HealthLynked patient members can LYNK to any doctor in the HealthLynked Network that is growing every day and make an appointment and much more by simply using the HealthLynked cell phone app. It is easy, and it is instantaneous.

An example of the inefficiency electronic medical records is provided by a practicing ear, nose and throat specialist in Ahoskie, North Carolina. Dr. Raghuvir B. Gelot says that little has frustrated him more than the digital record system he installed a few years ago. The problem: His system, made by one company, cannot share patient records with the local medical center, which uses a program made by another company. The two companies are quick to deny responsibility, each blaming the other. Regardless of who is at fault, doctors and hospital executives across the country say they are distressed that the expensive electronic health record systems they installed in the hopes of reducing costs and improving the coordination of patient care a major goal of the Affordable Care Act simply do not share information with competing systems. A single network that connects every patient to their providers and works with all electronic medical record systems is what HealthLynked brings to the market focusing at the point of care between patient and healthcare provider.

Personal Health Record

Healthcare providers create medical records for each patient encounter through EHRs (Electronic Health Records) or paper charts. These records are the property of your healthcare provider, although you can request a copy of these records for your personal files.


A PHR (Personal Health Record) is different from an EHR. A PHR is owned and updated by you, the patient and can be shared with other healthcare providers or anyone you choose and it not subject to HIPPA regulations. The benefits of the HealthLynked PHR is that your records move with you, no matter where you are, and can be easily accessible and shared with your healthcare providers if a medical problem arises or in the case of an emergency where having timely access to your medical information can save your life.


The HealthLynked app allows members to update their medical information from home and make sure all their information is correct and complete. Once their information is complete all they need to do is keep their profile updated when changes occur with their medical status. Having a complete profile allows patients to share it with the healthcare provider they choose, decrease office wait times, help avoid medical errors and avoid redundant paperwork during office visits. Through HealthLynked, patients can Lynk to their personal network of healthcare providers, book online appointments, share medical records from other providers and stay on top of medical recommendation specific to their medical history.


Online Scheduling

HealthLynked members can connect with their healthcare providers, easily book appointments online, and keep all their medical information in one location. HealthLynked doctors offer special booking times available to HealthLynked members, which can be scheduled directly from the patient's online profile. Once the patient has selected the provider they want to make an appointment with, they will be asked to select the reason for the visit and the time. An email is sent to the patient confirming the requested appointment time and once accepted by the doctor, the patient will receive a confirmation email. If the physician is not a HealthLynked provider the patient can Click here to Find a Doctor or another provider in their area for an appointment.


Medical Newsfeeds

Members can select from a wide range of medical topics to follow. Stay updated on the latest medical updates regarding treatments and new discoveries regarding their health or family members. They can Lynk to a healthcare provider and keep updated with the news feeds their doctor is following. Lynking with a dermatologist or family practice physician will update the patient's medical news feeds with topics they feel are important and relevant to their patients. The patient can update or remove these topics from their feeds anytime they so choose to do so.


Access or Co-manage Family Profiles

The HealthLynked network allows a member to create a profile for their children under the age of 18. Managing children and keeping track of their vaccines and visits is important for assuring they stay healthy and receive the best care possible. In addition, the patient can be granted permission to access other member's profiles and medical records if they are assisting aging parents or family members' treatments or prescription medications through their doctor or specialist.


Emergency Contacts

If traveling away from home or in an accident, it's important to know who to contact in an emergency situation. Children at school or on a school trip having their medical information such as allergies, medications they are on kept on record and easily accessed through the HealthLynked Network.


Group Chat

Members looking to talk with others medical topics of interest can join in HealthLynked groups chat rooms. Topics such as diabetes, hypertension, and breast cancer are just a few of the many groups available. Members can also create a group that can be private, by invitation only or public. User can chat as a guest if they choose to do so. Groups allow for users to connect and discuss medical issues with other like-minded users.


Personal Health Guidelines

Healthcare recommendations change with age, sex, family history and medical conditions. Using advanced technology, HealthLynked evaluates the patient's specific medical information to make personalized medical recommendations regarding their health. Recommendations may range from when to check cholesterol, follow up for a colonoscopy or mammogram and reminders when you are due for an annual exam. Keeping our members informed about what follow up they need is also an important part of the HealthLynked artificial intelligence algorithms.


Discount Medical Supplies

HealthLynked connects patient's with over 100,000 name brand medical supplies. Members can order medical supplies and have them shipped directly to their home. Whether diabetic supplies or a wheelchair is needed the patient can access the HealthLynked directory or preferred supplier to receive discounted offers tailored to their personal health needs.


Medical Forums

Medical Forums allow patients to connect with other members that share similar interests, medical conditions or symptoms. Members can enter the forum as a member or guest if they wish to remain anonymous. Much like social media groups, members can also create groups around medical topics of interest and these groups can be private, by invitation only, members only, or open to the public. Once a group is created patient's will be able to moderate the group and engage in real time chat with others in their group. Medical forums were designed to create an environment where people can discuss medical conditions, treatments, make referrals to healthcare providers and engage in direct conversions with healthcare experts on particular topics.


HealthLynked offers a wide range of medical forums that include:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Men's health
  • Women's Health
  • Pediatrics
  • Dermatology
  • Psychiatry
  • Addictions
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes


HealthLynked Introduces AI Algorithms to Help Diagnose Faster and Easier

June 19, 2018, HealthLynked announced that it has developed and deployed a number of healthcare algorithms for members that opt in for this service through the HealthLynked Network. The algorithms evaluate healthcare data of members and provide medical recommendations based on each user's specific healthcare information, taking into account multiple factors including gender, age, family and medical history and other healthcare and personal data.

Patients rely on a range of healthcare providers to make medical recommendations for health issues and specific testing and screening. With a mission to improve healthcare, HealthLynked continues to invest in building its Artificial Intelligence "(AI)" technology, keeping members informed about their healthcare needs, updating members on the latest healthcare information, helping to avoid adverse drug interactions and providing medical recommendations around healthcare guidelines and screening.

The HealthLynked AI gives members access to advanced analytic capabilities to curate and analyze healthcare data and offers them tools and technologies to build and maintain their personal healthcare information.

AI-based solutions have great potential to improve patient outcomes and care efficiency and HealthLynked believes its AI platform can ease the logistical challenges in medical research by providing clean, accurate, focused and actionable data through its patient engagement and oversight.


HealthLynked Announced the Addition of over 7,000 Hospitals and Acute Care Centers to its Healthcare Network

January 8, 2019, HealthLynked announced the company has incorporated over 7,000 hospitals and acute care centers into its nationwide network. Patient members have been able to LYNK directly to healthcare providers across the country to share and receive their medical information. Members can now LYNK to Hospitals and grant access to their medical records in case of a medical emergency.

Patients routinely visit emergency rooms without any medical records available to physicians to aid in their diagnosis and treatment. In addition to the lack of medical records, patients often arrive unconscious to the emergency room or unable to communicate due to any number of conditions, including strokes, heart attacks or auto accidents. When impaired patients are unable to communicate critical healthcare information, it can have a significant impact on their medical outcomes. The lack of medical information can lead to unnecessary testing, delays in treatment and misdiagnosis. Providing a way for patients to connect to the over 7,000 hospital facilities across the U.S. is an important part of our network services.

Dr. Michael Dent CEO stated, "Adding over 7,000 hospitals and acute care facilities strengthens the HealthLynked Network and our commitment to transform how medical information is delivered. We are excited about our growth as we continue to innovate and expand our services to both our patient members and network providers."


HealthLynked Acquires HCFM, Adding Significant Revenue to its Health Services Division

HealthLynked announced it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Hughes Center for Functional Medicine, P.A. (HCFM) for $750,000 in cash, $750,000 in shares of HealthLynked common stock and $500,000 in a three-year performance-based payout.

HCFM is a leader in functional medicine, focusing on Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis along with other cutting-edge treatments to improve health and slow aging, including hormones, thyroid, weight loss, wellness and prevention. Income sources include seeing patients, an IV room, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Ozone, UVlrx and Supplements.

"The acquisition of HCFM expands our health services division and significantly adds to our profitability.  HCFM provides expertise in Neurodegenerative conditions and functional medicine with cutting edge therapies." said Michael Dent, M.D., HealthLynked's Chairman and CEO.  "As we continue to expand our network and provide algorithms around new and innovative treatments, we are confident that this will bring significant value to our patient members. "

Benefits of the Transaction

  •                               Revenue and Profit Increase. HealthLynked expects the acquisition to contribute $3.0 million of revenue and $500 thousand in EBITDA in year one, more than doubling the Company's revenues and reducing cash burn by over 50%.    
  •                               Expansion of Healthcare Services. HCFM has well-established relationships and cutting-edge protocols for treating neurogenerative disorders and optimizing the health of older patients. These customized therapies have been shown to improve patient outcomes for a wide range of disorders. Functional Medicine is one of the fastest growing and most highly profitable areas of healthcare making it an ideal acquisition for HealthLynked.


  •                               Expansion of Healthcare Data Specific to Functional Medicine and Antiaging. HealthLynked will draw on the best attributes from each company to improve the quality of service for all of our patient members. HCFM patients will benefit from HealthLynked's digital technology to connect and analyze patient members healthcare data to monitor treatments and improve outcomes.  HealthLynked members will benefit from HCFM health services and extensive experience in functional medicine.     
  •                               Four-year Consultancy Agreement with Dr. Pamela Hughes on the HLYK Advisory Board. The acquisition also includes a four-year consultancy agreement with Dr. Pamela Hughes on the HealthLynked Advisory Board where she will provide her expertise in functional medicine to help the Company's development team to write algorithms utilizing the HealthLynked software to make recommendations to patient members on a wide range of medical conditions.   
  •                               Advisors
    K&L Gates LLP is serving as legal counsel for the acquisition. 

    George O'Leary, Chief Financial Officer of HealthLynked, stated, "We expect that this will be the first of many acquisitions for HealthLynked focused on:
    •                                                        Profitable health service businesses;
    •                                                        Digital healthcare including online marketing and telemedicine companies; and
    •                                                        Data driven healthcare businesses, such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

Our acquisition model of purchasing high growth, profitable health service businesses paying 4 times adjusted EBITDA, with 35% in cash, 35% in HLYK stock, and 30% in three-year performance based payouts will complement our digital healthcare and ACO acquisition strategies."                        


Market Comps Support HealthLynked Shares Highly Undervalued

Two market comps in the Digital Health space are Frelii, Inc., (OTC: FRLI) and Veeva Systems, Inc., (NYSE" VEEV). Frelii is selling at $2.10 per share with a market cap of $82 million and a Price to Sales ration of 4,783 to 1, and Veeva Systems is selling at $115.21 per share with a market cap of $14.42 billion and a Price to Sales ratio of 20 to 1.


HealthLynked appears to hold enormous unrecognized value as its shares are selling close to $0.35 with a market cap of $30.6 million and with the new acquisition of Hughes Center for Functional Medicine now has revenues close to $5.5 million with a Price to Sales Ratio of 5.6 to 1. Even at a low Price to Sales Ratio of 10 to 1, HealthLynked shares would be trading at closer to $.60 and with the kind of growth they are delivering and in such a hot market of Digital Health, the price could easily see well over $1 per share in the near term.


Bio-Research Alert Conclusion

Digital Health is a promising new investment opportunity in the gigantic and opportunity-filled healthcare market. There are many companies to investigate in this enormous new opportunity of Digital Health, but HealthLynked appears to provide services that fill big unmet needs, has proven and skillful management, and has a great start that is beginning to rack up growing patient memberships. Since HealthLynked shares are selling at only $0.30, Emerging MicroCaps believes early investors have an opportunity for very large percentage returns with a near term target of $1.50 and a 12-month target of $4.00.




For more information:

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