Global Arena Holding Subsidiary, Global Election Services, Details Voter Registration System for Mail Ballots and In-person Voting

NEW YORK, NY -- April 2, 2020 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Global Arena Holding, Inc. (the “Company”) (OTC PINK: GAHC), in response to a number of shareholder inquiries about mail ballots and how the process works, is pleased to discuss the proprietary Registration Process that GAHC subsidiary, Global Election Services, Inc. (GES), employed in the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Presidential Primary. In our next update, we will discuss our proprietary Tabulation Software System Process. 

The GES senior management team has four decades of experience in administering successful elections. Each election process is tailored to fit the individual client’s needs while complying with the US Department of Labor Election Standards, which organized labor unions are required to uphold. GES works individually with each client to develop an election plan executing each step from nominations to the actual election and results reporting. GES designs all voting materials and works with a mutually agreed upon printer/mail house to ensure each piece in the ballot package meets the specific requirements of our proprietary Registration and Tabulation Software Systems. 

This successful process was most recently demonstrated when GES administered the Democratic Presidential Primary for the entire state of North Dakota. The election was a hybrid, wherein residents could mail in their ballot or vote in person on primary day at one of 14 locations set up and supervised by GES throughout the State. 

The GES team set up a dedicated call center available to all residents of North Dakota and organized the fulfillment of over 3,000 ballot requests. 

John S. Matthews, the Chairman of GAHC/GES stated, “The key to Election Registration Software is determining voter eligibility. This relies on the voter database. Simply put; is an individual eligible or not eligible to vote? In all GES elections, any eligibility determination must be backed up with facts, and GES goes the extra mile to ensure anyone who wants to vote, can vote, once we legally confirm their eligibility." North Dakota does not have voter registration, so the voter database had 600,000+ names of individuals who previously voted in the state.

GES teams, led by President Kathryn Weisbeck, began their preparations by: creating a secure encrypted server and uploading the list of 600,000+ potential voters to coordinate registration at 14 voting locations throughout the state; loading and testing our proprietary software onto 52 laptop computers to be used by volunteers; developing an election manual for our 17 Supervisors to refer to for the specifics of this election event as well as the detailed application of the GES proprietary Registration Software that was specifically tailored for this election.  

GES then coordinated the delivery of 46 Ballot Boxes, 52 laptops, 52 digital signature pads, 14 routers and 9 high-speed optical scanners to the designated locations. 

Two days prior to the In-Person voting day, the 2,000+ returned mail ballots were retrieved from the US Post Office by GES and all envelopes were registered in the system. Voters who sent in a ballot were flagged in the 600,000+ voter list. The software with the Voter List was tested on 52 individual laptop computers with real-time lookup and voter sign-in, allowing potential voters to go to any location across the state. The list was encrypted and stored on a secure server that all locations had access to while the polls were open, and registrations were updated in real-time.

The morning of the election GES trained hundreds of volunteers, in some cases just prior to polls opening in the morning and as they came in for shifts throughout the day. Many of the volunteers had little or no technology experience and have obviously never used GES software before. The volunteers learned very quickly and became proficient with minimal instruction in a very short amount of time. 

The GES Registration System flags any potential voter as ‘Already Registered’ if they had previously cast a vote either by mail or at another location. In this case, a warning box would pop up on the computer screen and our volunteer registrar would let the voter know their mail ballot had already been counted or they had voted elsewhere and they would not be able to vote again. If they cast a vote at another location, their signature, time and voting location would be by their name as a reference. This functioned flawlessly, and no individual was able to vote twice.

John S. Matthews stated, “It is important to understand that on election day, GES Registration with real-time lookup has been designed to be operated by individuals who are volunteering, many with little or no background in election software, who we train and immediately put to work registering voters under GES supervision. We are extremely pleased that our proprietary Registration systems were easily understood, and very user friendly.”

This software system is something GES took great care in developing to ensure that only eligible voters receive a ballot, no one votes twice, and we keep track of who voted, never knowing how they vote. And, most importantly, all voter information is kept secure. We call it KYV – Know Your Voter.  Our software system is unique in that we can implement it on a basic laptop that meets GES specifications and the Wi-Fi is disabled. Our ease of use and scalability will be even more valuable as more elections move to a paper ballot process in these uncertain times.

GAHC will continue normal operations as GES’ mail ballot and online tabulation systems do not require crowds of individuals for in-person voting. The Board and all the employees of GAHC and GES wish all of our clients, shareholders, and fellow Americans good health and safety as we work together during these trying times.

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