Sport Capital Group PLC 
                   ("Sport Capital Group" or the "Company") 
Update re. Investment 
On 24th July 2019 the Company announced its unaudited interim results for the 
period ended 30th June 2019. The prefatory statement by the Chairman mentioned 
that, during the period under review,  the Company had made a follow-on 
investment in Kalahari Key Metals Exploration (Pty) Limited ("KKME") https:// 
www.kalaharikey.co.uk/, a battery minerals exploration company which explores 
in Botswana for nickel ("Ni.") and platinum group elements ("PGE"). KKME holds 
two prospecting licences within the Molopo Farms Complex, a large intrusion 
with proven potential for Ni. and PGE, straddling the border of Botswana and 
the Republic of South Africa. 
In keeping with the Directors' previous policy of updating the market on 
developments affecting its investments and in view of a regulatory news service 
announcement issued on 28th August 2019 by Power Metal Resources plc ("POW") 
https://www.powermetalresources.com/,  the prospective joint-venture partner 
and a significant shareholder of KKME, the Company draws attention to POW's 
announcement https://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/ 
market-news-detail/POW/14204712.html and to the following extract from a 
communiqué recently issued to its shareholders by KKME: 
"[KKME] is pleased to announce the completion of a ground geophysics survey of 
its target areas in Botswana previously identified by airborne electro-magnetic 
(EM) surveys. The ground geophysics was carried out using high-power 
electro-magnetic ("HPEM") transmitters capable of transmitting up to 200A 
together with the ultra-sensitive Supracon Jesse-Deep SQUID ("superconducting 
quantum interference device") sensor hooked-up to the industry standard EMIT 
Smartem24 receiver. Transmitter loops of approximately 1km by 1km were laid out 
using 35mm2 aluminium wire and lines (100m or 200m spacing) were surveyed at 
either 50m or 100m reading intervals, depending on depth to target.  In total 
11 loops were undertaken around 14 individual targets from the original 
helicopter EM Survey. The work and the subsequent data analysis and 
interpretation were done by Spectral Geophysics, based in Gaborone and 
Stellenbosch, under the direction of its MD, Mr. Cas Lotter. 
Three of KKME's directors worked with Mr. Lotter in Stellenbosch in the week 
beginning 19th [August] 2019 to draw conclusions from the results of the 
survey, the data from which has now been modelled (some outstanding issues in 
the modelling are on-going, but these are not thought to be material to overall 
understanding). It should be noted that the full technical report and processed 
data will be delivered to KKME in due course. 
The Board of KKME is highly satisfied with the work done by Spectral Geophysics 
and is very pleased with the outcomes. Without going into too much geophysical 
detail, the preliminary data show the 2D and 3D modelled ore bodies and the 
interpreted EM discontinuities representing modelled conductors.  From these 
data, various vertical and inclined boreholes are suggested, for each of the 
most promising targets. We are therefore in a position to commence defining a 
drilling programme, based on the data, which can be phased as resources allow. 
It is important to note that the drilling programme must be dynamic, in other 
words subject to change as the results come in. For example, if the first 
borehole in Target 1 makes a strong intersection with the main part of the ore 
body, this would obviate the need to drill a second borehole in Target 1, and 
resources can be re-deployed to Target 2. If, on the other hand, the first 
borehole does not hit the economic centre of the ore body, the plan will be to 
use the data from the EM sensor dropped down the borehole to more accurately 
position a second borehole into Target 1. Ground gravity and geochemistry will 
also be used before drilling to reduce the risk of mis-location. 
The cost of the drilling work, associated ground gravity, environmental survey 
and laboratory analysis will be significant due to the success of the EM 
surveys carried out, and the number of targets generated as a result. To fully 
assess these, it is likely that the cost of this work will exceed our current 
resources, including the proposed joint venture with Power Metal Resources plc 
("POW"). The Board will therefore discuss the options with POW and others, 
including with drilling contractors who might accept equity in KKME and/or a 
project interest in exchange for part-payment of drilling costs. Of course, 
before proceeding with any such option, the Board will discuss the 
possibilities with all our shareholders. In the event that further resources 
cannot be identified, we will proceed with a more limited programme of 
drilling, although this is not the desired outcome at this stage. [    ]. 
David Ovadia, Chairman, August 2019." 
Future developments of significance in relation to the Company's investments 
will be brought to the market's attention if, as and when the Directors become 
aware of them. 
Simon Grant-Rennick, 
Sports Capital Group plc, 
2nd September 2019 
This announcement has been made after due and careful enquiry; the Directors of 
Sport Capital Group plc accept responsibility for the content. 
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